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Add Sequential Number Field#17

Give a “Contact Form” number to each contact for that can be sent in the email to the recipient. We are using each contact form to track individual contact forms per type. Each time the form is submitted, it needs a unique number, so it would be great if there was a way to put a hidden field that would add +1 to the previous number on your side.
It could be something like

<input name="getformNUM">
Then it would add +1 to the previous getformNUM number.

Even better would be if we were able to set a starting number on the form.

For example:

<input name="getformNUM_10000">
Then the first form submitted would be 10001, the second would be 10002, 10003, and so on.

The single digit number starting at #1 does not work for this.

3 months ago